Federal Reserve Board – FR 2056, FR 2046, FR Y-9C and FR 2886b

April 9-15, 2021


FR 2056 – Application for Adjustment in the Holding of Federal Reserve Bank Stock
Draft reporting form, press release, and initial Federal Register notice were posted.

Client Impact: Proposed Changes to automate non-merger-related adjustments to member banks’ subscriptions to Federal Reserve Bank capital stock. The automated process would eliminate the need for member banks to file applications to adjust their stock subscriptions—except in the context of mergers—and would significantly reduce the annual reporting burden (changes to Regulation I)


FR 2046 – Selected Balance Sheet Items for Discount Window Borrowers
Updated reporting form and updated reporting instructions were posted.

FR Y-9C – Consolidated Financial Statements for Holding Companies
Updated supplemental instructions were posted.

FR 2886b – Consolidated Report of Condition and Income for Edge and Agreement Corporations
Updated reporting form and updated reporting instructions were posted.

Client Impact:
For as-of 3/31/2021 (Q1 2021) Reporting

For more information, visit www.federalreserve.gov.

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