FCPA Compliance Report-Episode 348 Data Lineage In Compliance

By Tom Fox
September 11, 2017

In this episode, I visit with Alex Tsigutkin, founder and CEO of AxiomSL and Varun Singhal – Senior Vice President Product Management, AxiomSL. AxiomSL a global leader in risk data management and regulatory reporting solutions for the financial industry, including banks, broker dealers, asset managers and insurance companies. Its unique enterprise data management (EDM) platform delivers data lineage, risk aggregation, analytics, workflow automation.

We discuss data lineage, which is quickly becoming a top line concern and challenge for data managers in financial services. In the past, data lineage—generation of a trail of information that tracks the use and custody of data as it travels throughout the enterprise—was primarily a concern for niche internal projects, usually run by reporting teams. A combination of closer oversight by prudential regulators and rising global standards around data governance, itself, has rapidly led many financial institutions to become more interested in how to do this on a broader level. The implications to and applications for the anti-corruption compliance profession are significant for transparency and accountability in data for sales, third party sales agents and payments, data flow in an organization and vendors in the Supply Chain. You can find out more about AxiomSL and data lineage by checking out their website, by clicking here.

Podcast Link: http://fcpacompliancereport.com/2017/09/fcpa-compliance-report-348-data-lineage-compliance/

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