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Implementing Risk and Regulatory Solutions

Risk and regulatory implementation typically requires an organization to quite literally start backwards:

  • Starting with filing requirements, establishing the implementation process requires careful consideration of data sources and enrichment of the data sets and calculations required to arrive at each line item

  • Once the data flow to deliver each line item is developed, a rigorous testing process must follow to ensure the veracity of filings and to establish appropriate risk controls to pass internal and external audits

Questions to Consider

  • Does the provider we are considering have a track record of delivering the solutions being considered?
  • What is the provider’s process for developing a collaborative Statement of Work (SOW) for the implementation?
  • Does the provider’s team have the necessary depth across multiple roles to successfully manage the execution of the SOW?

  • What subject-matter expertise does the provider bring to bear during the implementation process, given challenges in data and rules interpretation?
  • Given the need for access control to Materially Non-Public Information (MNPI), does the provider have a robust framework to manage operational risk?


  • Implementation From
    Source To Submission
    • Ingestion

    • Enrichment

    • Pre-Processing

    • Validation

    • Attestation

    • Submission

Client Engagement Teams

To deliver successful risk and regulatory implementations, AxiomSL’s Client Engagement teams comprise:

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts are deeply steeped in the reporting rules and data interpretation. They augment your team and provide their experience of multiple implementations.

Implementation Leads

Implementation Leads liaise directly with your project team. They marshal all the resources necessary to deliver risk and regulatory reporting engagements and coach the Configuration Specialists to deliver for your organization

Configuration Specialists

Configuration Specialists work with your technology team to implement Native Data Sourcing, Enrichment, and Aggregation of the data ingested from source to finalizing submissions

Project Risk Control functions

The Project Risk Control function continually monitors risks to schedule, cost, and scope and works with the team to mitigate such risks

Read about best practices for regulatory and risk reporting. Request “The Rules of TOM” here.


Leverage team that over the past 25 years has notched a 100% delivery track record

Access market-leading experience and expertise

Achieve implementation management with rigorous project risk control

Engage post-implementation managed change services

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