4th Annual Stress Testing USA: CCAR & DFAST

When: November 3-4, 2016
Where: New York

AxiomSL will be sponsoring the upcoming Stress Testing USA: CCAR & DFAST event in NYC. This event will cover a review of the 2016 Stress Tests and upcoming news for the 2017 year. In addition, the event will break down CCAR Complexities and DFAST requirements.

The Conference will feature over 40 senior stress testing professionals who will review the individual challenges across CCAR & DFAST and the associated qualitative and quantitative elements.

Hosted by the Center for Financial Professionals, Stress Testing USA: CCAR & DFAST will feature interactive discussions and presentations within allocated streams directed at CCAR and DFAST financial institutions, including keynote sessions by the Federal Reserve Board. AxiomSL will speak about the challenges, pitfalls and key considerations around CFO attestation and CCAR reconciliation.

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