IFRS 9: An Estimable Challenge


When: June 7, 2016
Where: Online webinar hosted by Risk.net

AxiomSL will be co-sponsoring an online webinar titled IFRS 9: An Estimable Challenge with SAS and hosted by Risk.net. Under IAS 39, losses on financial assets that are subject to impairment are not recognized until there is evidence that they have become impaired. IFRS 9 represents a radical departure from this philosophy because it forces banks to make greater and earlier provisions to protect against losses. Under IFRS 9, banks will have to immediately set aside the 12-month expected credit losses from the time any unimpaired asset is originated or purchased.

This webinar will discuss:

  • A brief introduction to IFRS 9
  • How should banks come up with estimates of expected credit losses?
  • What methods will regulators expect for estimating credit losses?
  • What are the technological challenges facing the industry?
  • How does IFRS 9 change the role of the risk function in relation to finance and accounting?
  • What changes will be needed when it comes to governance and audits?
  • What are the longer-term implications of IFRS 9?
  • And more…

Jean-Bernard Caen, AxiomSL will join Martim Rocha, Advisory Business Solutions Manager, SAS; Wolfgang Reitgruber, Head of Credit Risk Modelling, UniCredit S.P.A. and Grazia Rapisarda, Head of Wholesale Modelling (Risk Analytics and Models), RBS on the panel moderated by Mark Pengelly, Risk Management Editor, Risk.net.

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