Global Tax Transparency Summit

When: August 4-5, 2015
Where: Miami, Florida

AxiomSL will be presenting at the Global Tax Transparency Summit for Latin America & the Caribbean. This event teaches how to prepare for future FATCA reporting, how to mitigate risk of non-compliance and how to link this with UK FATCA and GATCA.

Over the course of two days, participants will gain an understanding of how to use compliance to achieve a competitive edge; raise compliance levels to international standards, reduce costs and successfully implement multidisciplinary FATCA. In addition, they will analyze the experience of other Financial Institutions and Local Tax Authorities at the forefront of FATCA regulation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

AxiomSL will be hosting Reviewing the Technological Challenges for Financial Firms with Examples from Bancolombia panel session of the first day of the summit at 10 am.

Panel Agenda
  • How to address the different challenges in multiple IGAs
  • Planning out the key pillars for implementing FATCA
  • Beyond FATCA: unveiling the challenges around CRS
  • Achieving a cost-effective implementation through technology

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