Compliance Day

AxiomSL - Compliance Day
When: September 22, 2015
Where: Madrid, Spain

AxiomSL’s Spanish team will have our own booth at iiR España’s Compliance Day. This popular event will host roundtables and networking sessions that explore best practice and leading recommendations when managing effective compliance initiatives, from the perspectives of both compliance officers and project managers across the business.

Whilst becoming a somewhat business-as-usual function, managing any regulatory compliance program still uncovers complex issues within a firms IT infrastructure and compliance policy as a whole.

Furthermore, in some jurisdictions the compliance function has specific statutory responsibilities, while in others it does not. For example, the compliance function for banks that conduct business in other jurisdictions should be structured to ensure that local compliance issues are addressed within the framework of the bank’s global compliance policy.


Compliance Day will look to explore how an effective compliance infrastructure, paired with the appropriate technology, can be tailored to improve processes, manage multi-jurisdictional demands and save on costs associated with complex, overlapping regulatory-compliance programs. Topics included in the agenda are as follows:

  • Corporate compliance plans: Why are they essential?
  • Effective compliance management systems: Technology and processes
  • The Plan for regulatory compliance between foreign companies and their Spanish subsidiaries
  • The impact of the digital era in compliance
  • Corporate compliance officers: Dancing partners
  • Standards and management models for crime prevention in the organizations

Come and visit our booth

We will have our own booth during Compliance Day. If you would like to learn more about how AxiomSL’s award-winning platform can help you meet complex technological requirements within your compliance program, or would like to discuss the latest regulatory reporting challenges and developments affecting your team or firm, please come by and visit.

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