2nd Annual European Summit on Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting (BCBS 239)

AxiomSL - 2nd Annual European Summit on Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting (BCBS 239)
When: July 7-8, 2015
Where: London, United Kingdom

AxiomSL will be exhibiting at the 2nd Annual European Summit on BCBS 239, taking place 6 months prior to the January 2016 G-SIB material compliance deadline for BCBS239. This event will provide an ideal opportunity to benchmark strategies and approaches with a wide variety of market participants and industry peers.

Proving a success in its first year back in 2014, the 2015 conference will focus on key technical implementation questions to help prepare banks and risk data project leads for ‘material compliance’ with BCBS 239 in 2016. We’ll be sharing ideas with BCBS 239 project managers and risk, data and architecture leads on their strategies for defining and evidencing compliance. We’ll also discuss the projects that firms are prioritising and practical takeaways that can be leveraged in implementing effective risk data frameworks.


  • Clarifying what compliance will look like in 2016
    • PRA Update – building and utilising risk data
    • Regulator’s panel – judging compliance in 2016
    • Industry perspectives on material compliance
    • Managing BCBS 239 alongside CRR, MiFID, BRRD,
    • EMIR and IFRS9
  • Architecture and IT infrastructure approaches
    • Evaluating data visualisation techniques
    • Approaches to data warehousing vs. data marts
    • Investing in architecture to gain commercial value
  • Accuracy and integrity case studies
    • Appropriate data lineages for 2016
    • Utilising plausibility checks for submissions
    • Enhancing data quality
  • Demonstrating timeliness and adaptability
    • Defining ‘timeliness’ and ‘adaptability’
    • Ensuring end user responsibility for data
    • Adapting 239 data for stress testing
  • Governance and embedding in the business
    • Demonstrating appropriate governance
    • Creating IT – Business partnerships
    • Big data opportunities from BCBS 239

Come and visit our booth

We will have our own booth at the forum, so if you would like to learn more about how AxiomSL works, or would like to discuss the latest regulatory reporting challenges and developments affecting your team or firm, please come by and visit.

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