AxiomSL Webinar – A Look at LCR Reporting and Best Practices

Date: Friday 26th June 2015
Time: 1:00 pm (Singapore, GMT+08:00)
Venue: Online – Webex

Everyone is reporting LCR actively as of this year but there is more to reporting LCR than meets the eye – core requirements can be leveraged from BIS to national jurisdictions; reporting can be enhanced to generate MIS and higher intelligence for Treasury and Senior Management; historical look back of past ratios is critical in some jurisdictions.

Apart from generating core LCR reports with efficiency and accuracy, there are other significant benefits entities can derive from ingenious implementation – utilising the underlying framework to fulfil supplementary requirements like NSFR and monitoring are some of the best practices that can enable your business with strategic intelligence and comparative perspective.

Do you stand shoulder to shoulder with your peers in leveraging existing system architecture for LCR reporting at diverse entity levels and bespoke jurisdictions?

Are you interested in knowing what more can you yield from your systems and processes other than merely generating LCR reports with precocious efficiency, accuracy and transparency?

Join our webinar today where AxiomSL’s team of subject matter experts will discuss LCR and its implications. We will present case studies of our best practices employed and renowned technical approach taken to successfully implement LCR and augmented intelligence in global investments banks of APAC.


  • Key Concepts and Calculations of LCR
  • Implications and Implementation Challenges
  • Client Case Study: How AxiomSL’s LCR Solution Can Help You

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