ESG Solution For Reporting Disclosures: Effectively Manage Evolving Risks And Global Circumstances

While the market awaits more detailed global guidelines for Environmental Social Governance (ESG) disclosures, European regulators including the European Banking Authority (EBA) and European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) are leading – with a standardized set of requirements coming into force in 2022. AxiomSL’s automated, data driven, extensible ESG solution delivers a risk management ecosystem that supports actionable business decisions associated with the aim of growing the green economy.

Confidently Meet ESG Disclosures

Digitalization technologies deliver increased functionality while decreasing the resources required to effectively manage new ESG disclosures, enabling realignment and growth of businesses that will have positive global impacts, promote sustainability, and drive economic and social progress.

Meeting New ESG Requirements

To confidently meet ESG requirements and enhance their commitment to being globally responsible citizens, organizations require an ESG solution for reporting disclosures with proven technology, strong data management, prescribed calculations, integrated stress-testing capabilities, and transparent granularity.

Managing Risk In A Changing Landscape

The challenge of managing the ever-changing risks associated with a transition to a green economy means that firms must develop an ESG solution for reporting disclosures that supports actionable business decisions.

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ESG Solution For Reporting Disclosures And A Holistic Risk Ecosystem

ESG Solution For Reporting Disclosures And A Holistic Risk Ecosystem

Transparent | Future-proofed | Flexible

Leverages ESG data dictionary using client-native data and FinView integration

Accurately maps for ESG disclosures e.g., EBA Pillar III, ESMA ESG, Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regime (SFDR) and jurisdiction/regime-specific requirements

Monitors ESG risk data against disclosed strategy with trend/variance analysis for KPIs

Flexible technology enables risk management and responsible growth

Delivers SaaS-enabled solutions and a risk ecosystem via ControllerView

ESG Disclosures and Monitoring Solution Features

Extensible Data Dictionaries

The data dictionary’s design flexibly incorporates evolving jurisdictional rules, calculations, and requirements for ESG.

The unique dictionary architecture combines financial information and ESG-driven data across the organization to enable adoption of EBA and/or ESMA requirements, is extensible to accommodate other jurisdictions.

Flexible Technology Architecture

Technology-driven processes optimize efficiencies, and decrease manual processes and resources required to effectively manage risks and drive responsible growth.

By integrating essential ESG data – both internally and through 3rd party providers – firms can automatically capture and disclose ESG exposures.

Continuous Monitoring

Enables the monitoring of ESG risks against defined mitigation strategies on user-friendly dashboards.

The dashboards provide visual trends and variance analysis of key performance metrics (KPI) for ESG factors – providing management with a bird’s eye view of ESG risks and enabling them to implement business strategy accordingly.

End-to-End Risk Management

The end-to-end platform delivers a risk management ecosystem that supports actionable business decisions associated with the aim of growing green initiatives.

Seamless data ingestion, workflow automation, and integrated model management deliver a highly secure, fully automated solution.

Transparent Processes

Running on ControllerView, the ESG solution enables transparent processes for building an effective ESG framework.

Platform-native drilldown, and unique dynamic data lineage and traceability means that attributes can be tagged with the reference data required for ESG disclosures.

Future Proofing

A SaaS-enabled ecosystem allows clients to efficiently position for change, paving the way for a futureproofed ESG framework and risk ecosystem.

Dynamic, flexible design enables clients to stay up to date with evolving technology and regulatory changes without a need for reengineering.

Key Benefits

Consolidates ESG mandates on a single platform - reducing manual processes and optimizing efficiencies

Facilitates deriving insights and satisfying audits/examinations with accurate and understandable data

Provides global ESG coverage, including standard structure for jurisdictions where requirements are not yet prescribed

SaaS-enabled ESG solution and cloud-enabled ecosystem insulates firms from regulatory and technology changes

Displays analysis of ESG risk data against strategy on intuitive dashboards – enabling comprehensive monitoring

Enables reuse of data from other financial and statistical reporting requirements, e.g., FINREP, COREP

Addresses model proliferation and accommodates ESG models through platform native IntegratedModelView

Integrates with 3rd party data providers to source ESG information typically not available within institutions’ data ecosystems

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Important Considerations for ESG Disclosures and Monitoring

Are we able to produce the necessary data and calculations for ESG disclosures at the required level of granularity?

Can we access all the data that we need?

Can our models accommodate long-term scenarios e.g., natural disasters, population demographics, and the environment?

Are we able to capture ESG risk data alongside existing exposure information to satisfy disclosure data points?

Do we have the resources and systems to address new risks?

Is our technology infrastructure flexible and scalable to support ESG requirements as mandates evolve globally?

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