AxiomSL’s and EIFR come together to host a AnaCredit Event

When: Monday 9th October
Where: Palais Brogniart, Paris

AxiomSL in partnership with EIFR (European Institute of Financial Regulation) will gather in Paris for an informative session around BIRD/AnaCredit, where Jean Marc Israël, (Head of Monetary Divisions at European Central Bank) Marc Irubetagoyena (head of Stress Testing BNPP) and Niall McGowan (AnaCredit Lead, AxiomSL) will exchange on data management of financial data, optimization of this new data architecture and an update on the status of NCBs in the euro zone.

If you wish to attend the event please RSVP to Julien Wolff, Business Development, EMEA We look forward to seeing you there!