DNB Published BSI Taxonomy v2.0.0

October 28, 2020 -De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) published a new Balance Sheet Items (BSI) taxonomy version 2.0.0. The report was updated according to the amendment to Regulation ECB/2013/33 on monetary financial institution balance sheet statistics. The BSI Taxonomy v2.0.0 will enter into force in January 2022.  The first reporting of the monthly requirements will be for the reference period Jan 2022, and the first reporting of the quarterly requirements – for the first quarter of 2022. The current BSI Taxonomy v1.0.2 must be reported until 2022.

The new BSI taxonomy v2.0.0 includes the following changes:

  • New rows and columns have been added to the existing forms, for example in 9001HK1 and 9001HK2
  • Addition of 7 new forms
  • Changes to existing validation rules
  • Addition of new validation rules
  • Update to the country table


For more information please visit: DNB website

Jurisdiction: The Netherlands


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