Trade and Transaction Regulatory Solutions

Regime-agnostic data-driven platform enables FIs to determine eligibility, manage exceptions, report to TRs for mandates including EMIR, MiFIR, SFTR

Regimes + Eligibility + Reportability + Exceptions + Trade Repositories = Complexity and Costs

AxiomSL’s regime-agnostic trade and transaction capability on ControllerView, delivers a consistent, automated, transparent approach to trade and transaction data management and reporting.

AxiomSL | Trade and Transaction Regulatory Solutions

SFTR, MiFID II, EMIR… Powered By SecurityView, An Extensible Data Dictionary

A Regime-Agnostic Trade and Transaction Reporting Solution

As the list of trade and transaction regimes keeps growing, including SFTR, MiFID, Dodd Frank, EMIR, MAS, ASIC, and FinfraG, we invite you to view a short video introducing AxiomSL’s strategic trade and transaction solution that positions counterparties to scale reporting and adapt quickly to regulatory changes in the age of COVID-19.

Trade and Transaction

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