Controlling the Flows

AxiomSL’s EMEA COO, Ed Royan, has given an interview to Inside Reference Data, a trade magazine, about how new liquidity reporting requirements will impact firms in Europe and what they can do to prepare.Ed Royan, Chief Operating Officer, AxiomSL

In the article, Ed points out that many firms have found the data volumes needed for Common Reporting (COREP) challenging. However, liquidity reporting requires even larger amounts of data.

He also underlines the importance of firms having the right data infrastructure, explaining: “Those that have worked on getting their data infrastructure at a good level – integrating it, putting in place reconciliation processes and systems to normalize the data – aren’t concerned about the reporting challenge. It is a much bigger challenge for those who haven’t really spent the money addressing the data challenges and issues around the data gaps – that is where a lot of the pain will come from.”

To read the full article, including more commentary from Ed and other industry participants, click on this on link to the Inside Reference Data website.


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