Provides clients with the knowledge and know-how to successfully utilize ControllerView to achieve risk and regulatory compliance


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Ongoing Management of Risk and Regulatory Reporting

The need to manage an ever-increasing data set for risk and regulatory reporting across multiple legal entities is a complex, ongoing task. AxiomSL’s intelligent.

ControllerView® data integrity and control platform enables firms to address myriad complex risk and regulatory requirements from a single platform.

To utilize AxiomSL’s ControllerView platform and solutions in the most efficient way possible, firms need to:

  • Execute on updates ― continually, transparently, effectively
  • Manage their resources efficiently

  • Continually educate their personnel tasked with meeting risk and regulatory objectives

Questions to Consider

  • Do we have command over key aspects of system usage?
  • How can we get our teams to 100 percent capacity on ControllerView in a short period of time?
  • Have we built enough resources to establish a center of excellence around ControllerView?
  • Are our users prepared to respond to business questions related to a specific report?
  • Can our users leverage the platform’s capabilities to create requested management reports?

  • Is our IT department fully prepared to manage ControllerView administration, configuration, and maintenance?
  • Are we able to onboard and configure regulatory changes as they occur?
  • Is our internal team prepared to teach users an array of topics? Including:
    • Understanding the ControllerView ecosystem
    • Configuring and navigating
    • Accessing and analyzing underlying data
    • Managing submissions



AxiomSL Education strives to enable its clients with the knowledge and know-how to utilize ControllerView to successfully achieve their risk and regulatory requirements, and to be able to adapt quickly to change.

In recognition of the fact that each client’s experience and needs are unique, its approach is client-focused and flexible. As such, the programs align with each user community’s function, functional level, and access profiles.

AxiomSL is proud to have certified thousands of users who have successfully completed its ControllerView education programs.

Education Offering

AxiomSL offers a variety of programs to ensure clients and partners make optimal use of its software. Specific modules address the needs of business users and analysts, technical staff, and support staff.

AxiomSL’s certification program is designed to ensure users at client and partner firms have successfully completed their learning.

AxiomSL is pleased to validate program hours and certifications for CPE credits where applicable. 

Program Types

  • User Program: 1 day
  • Functional Level 1 Program: 3-5 days

  • Functional Level 2 Program: 3-5 days
  • Support Program: 2 days


  • AxiomSL’s education team members are experts in data management, risk reporting, regulatory reporting, and have backgrounds in technology, risk and finance, and education
  • Delivered in person at the offices of clients and partners, through online conferences, at AxiomSL locations, or through self-learning
  • Provided in a variety of formats to suit the needs of different user types

  • Self-learning Programs
    • Deployed on an e-learning platform
    • Offer interactive content
    • Leverage visual media such as walk-through tutorial videos, screenshot galleries, interactive review questions, search and highlighting capabilities, and study notes

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Optimize the firm’s use and understanding of AxiomSL’s platform and solutions

More successfully achieve risk and regulatory goals and objectives

Empower users to be in control of their own learning and career growth paths

Because AxiomSL certifications are a recognized achievement, certified employees deepen their value to the firm, expand their analytic skills, and enable the firm to respond nimbly in the demanding regulatory landscape

Users from across functions can access and leverage the firm’s trusted data and analytics to satisfy risk, regulatory, and audit requirements ― and also obtain business insights to drive competitive advantage


Designed to teach users how to navigate the ControllerView platform.

  • Focuses on key functionality required for analysis, adjustments, and sign-off

  • No prerequisite

Designed to teach the core components of the ControllerView platform. Students learn about each stage in the reporting process using the ControllerView components and configuration techniques that are employed in actual implementations.

  • Covers features commonly utilized by functional, business, IT personnel, and others involved in implementation and configuration
  • Offers hands-on exercises that utilize AxiomSL sample data structures and specification documents detailing the requirements of each exercise

  • Meets needs of those involved in ControllerView implementations and functional support: implementation staff, business analysts, subject-matter experts, IT personnel, and business-rule support staff will benefit greatly
  • No prerequisite

Designed to teach the core components of the ControllerView platform. Students learn advanced functionality and platform configuration techniques used in real-life implementations.

  • Prerequisite: Registrants are required to have successfully completed the Functional Level 1 Program and hold an active certification
  • Offers hands-on exercises utilizing AxiomSL sample data structures and specifications documents detailing the requirements of each exercise

  • Covers advanced objects and features utilized by functional, business, IT, or any other implementation and configuration personnel
  • Targeted for resources involved in ControllerView implementation and functional support

Designed for all types of IT staff, including system administrators, IT personnel involved in implementations, and system support staff.

  • Prerequisite: Registrants are required to have successfully completed the Functional Level 1 and Level 2 Programs and hold active certifications
  • Requires hands-on knowledge of systems, databases, scheduling, archiving, scripting, technical installation, and configuration
  • Note: The program does not cover relational database management system (RDBMS) concepts, Structured Query Language (SQL), or script development

  • Emphasizes understanding and working with:
    • Log files
    • System parameters
    • Menus
    • Anatomy of system-generated objects

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