CIMA – Issued fund entity data return investment form

August 26, 2021 – CIMA issued REEFS Form Completion Guide Related Fund Entity Information.

Overview: Pursuant to Private Funds (Annual Returns) Regulations 2021 all private funds regulated under the Private Funds Act are to submit an annual return known as private fund FAR in respect of each financial year of the private fund. Currently it does not capture requisite information as per section 3(3) of regulations. Nor all requisite information as per paras 20 and 21 of the schedule in the regulations. The purpose of this form is to, in respect of each financial year of the private fund, report information as required by section 3(3) of regs, paras 20-21 of the schedule. Form must be filed within 6 months of private fund’s year-end by filing and submitting form RFE-050-77 via the REEFS system; no fees associated with this form submission.

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