Cayman Islands FATCA and CRS Reporting Reminders

June 3, 2021 – Cayman Islands – FATCA and CRS Reporting Reminders

  1. FATCA – Financial Institutions (FIs) can use codes announced by the IRS to populate missing TIN;
  2. FATCA/CRS deadline is 31 July 2021;
  3. TIN and DOB (for individual) must always be reported for each AH and CP;
  4. A CRS filing declaration and CRS compliance form are mandatory for all FIs with CRS reporting obligations, including Trustee Documented Trusts (“TDTs”);
  5. The inability to log in to the DITC Portal and submit reporting will not be a defence for a failure to submit reporting.


DITC has also published the bulk upload CSV template for the ‘CRS Compliance Form‘ and ‘Notes on CRS Compliance Form – Bulk Upload‘.

For more information, please click here.

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