Bundesbank published draft version to update BISTA and AUSTA

March 9, 2020 -Deutsche Bundesbank published draft version to update data requirements on a monthly basis Balance sheet statistics (BISTA) and the foreign status of banks (MFls) (AUSTA) in response to ECB consultation on amending MFI balance sheet statistics regulation (ECB /2013/33).

The reporting is scheduled to commence from the reference period of April 2021 (for monthly requirements), and the second quarter of 2021 (for quarterly requirements). In light of COVID-19 measures ECB is discussing to postpone the implementation date.

The proposed adjustments are limited in scope and focus on statistical information that further increases the perspective goal of a deeper integration of the various primary statistical surveys (e.g. BISTA / AUSTA vs AnaCredit).

The changes to the BISTA/AUSTA reports are in line with the ECB draft amendments. The following elements are added to BISTA/AUSTA templates:

  • Other financial institutions: including positions for “Credit and insurance support activities” (ESVG-Sektor 126) and “Company-owned financing institutions and capital providers” (ESVG-Sektor 127)
  • Equity and other assets and other liabilities: a few additional items
  • Separate identification of money market funds as part of the MFI sector
  • Claims on non-banks: Maturity band over 1 to 2 years including (only for non-financial (other) companies)
  • Rating corrections for a few additional selection items
    (especially on trading portfolio derivatives (asset and liability side))
  • Notional cash pooling (separate assets and liabilities reporting forms)
  • Shares and participations (E2): including listed and unlisted shares
    (Calculation from WPInvest reporting data, if applicable)
  • Total real estate holdings of the reporting agent (as a sub-position of the non-financial assets)
  • Receivables and liabilities to non-financial (other) companies, if applicable:
    including: “legally dependent in-house operations of the ÖHH”
  • Real estate secured book claims on other companies and Private individuals by collateral and purpose (Annex B5: not applicable)


Jurisdictions affected: Germany

For more information please visit Bundesbank.


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