Bundesbank Updates Anacredit Technical Documents

August 06, 2021– The Bundesbank updated AnaCredit technical documents which will come into force from 01 February 2022.

The updated AnaCredit documents include Technical Specifications v2.3, Validations Handbook v13.0, Thresholds of the outlier rules v2, Code list. The changes in the Validations Handbook are related to completeness checks of credit-related data records, improving the consistency of some rules, correcting the delivery notification errors and updating of the plausibility checks. The Threshold of the outlier rules v2.0 have been updated by the addition of new columns (name of the attribute, table, template, type of threshold value) and deletion of a plausibility code. Additionally, the Bundesbank updated AnaCredit sample XML file and the identifiers in Table 7.

For more information please visit: Bundesbank website

Jurisdiction: Germany

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