BMCE Bank International extends use of AxiomSL regulatory reporting platform for French requirement, SURFI

LONDON, 02/10/2017: AxiomSL, the leading global provider of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions, today announces that BMCE Bank International Plc (BBI Plc), a subsidiary of BMCE Bank of Africa Group, one of Africa’s largest banks, has chosen to implement AxiomSL’s SURFI reporting solution.
BBI Plc is already using AxiomSL’s bespoke platform to report statistical requirements to the Bank of England’s (BoE) and a range of calculation requirements mandated by the Capital Requirements Directive IV (CRD IV), including Common Reporting (COREP).
The platform also allows clients to integrate data across multiple business functions and from different geographical locations without forced data conversion. A single data input allows statistical reporting for multiple jurisdictions.
As transparency is one of AxiomSL’s top priorities, clients are able to conduct full data mining to identify data sources from any point in the process. All manual adjustments are recorded and reversible, allowing for secure and reliable scenario testing.

“Expanding our use of AxiomSL to SURFI is in line with our IT strategy to enhance our solutions and work with the best providers,” said Mohammed Afrine, CEO of BBI Plc. “AxiomSL’s UK regulatory reporting solution implemented in 2016 has streamlined our reporting processes and greatly improved our efficiency.”
Edward Royan, EMEA CEO of AxiomSL, said: “We are delighted that BBI Plc has chosen AxiomSL’s SURFI solution. We have worked tirelessly to become a market leader in providing solutions that simplify the reporting process and maximise efficiency for our clients. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to meeting the very high standards we have for the services we provide.”

About BMCE Bank International Plc

BMCE Bank International Plc (BBI Plc) wholly owned by BMCE Bank of Africa Group – the 2nd largest privately held bank in Morocco, is a leading international specialist institution linking international finance with the growing opportunities in Africa. BBI Plc connects international institutions and investors with a diverse portfolio of investment opportunities on the continent.
BBI Plc Plc structures private sector deals that are below the radar of larger investment banks and beyond the scope of local banks. BBI Plc offers a full service of investment and wholesale banking facilities with core divisions in Corporate Banking and Financial Markets. BBI Plc also specialise in providing corporations in Africa with access to international capital markets and financial expertise.
BBI Plc Plc has identified an approach to do business on the continent that creates substantial and long-term opportunities, both for clients as well as for a wider range of stakeholders. BBI Plc has an extensive presence on the ground in Africa, across 20 countries.
BMCE Bank International Plc London was launched in 2007 and is authorised by the PRA¹ and regulated by the FCA² and the PRA.

About AxiomSL

AxiomSL is the global leader in regulatory reporting and risk management solutions for the financial industry, including banks, broker dealers, asset managers and insurance companies. Its unique enterprise data management (EDM) platform delivers data lineage, risk aggregation, analytics, workflow automation, validation and audit functionality.
AxiomSL’s platform supports compliance with a wide range of global and local regulations, including Basel III capital and liquidity requirements, the Dodd-Frank Act, AnaCredit, FATCA, AEI (CRS), EMIR, COREP/FINREP, CCAR, FDSF, BCBS 239, Solvency II, AIFMD, IFRS 9, MAS, ASIC, REMIT, MiFID II, SFTR, central bank disclosures, and both market and credit risk management requirements. The enterprise-wide approach offered by AxiomSL enables clients to leverage their existing data and risk management infrastructure, and reduces implementation costs, time to market and complexity.
AxiomSL employs over 600 staff globally that are dedicated to servicing clients across many of the world’s major financial centres, including New York, São Paulo, London, Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
AxiomSL was awarded The Asian Banker’s 2016 “Best Compliance Risk Technology Implementation of the Year” as well as “Best Implementation at a Sell-side Firm” in the 2016 Sell-side Technology Awards. It was voted Best Reporting System Provider in the 2015 Waters Rankings and was highlighted as a ‘category leader’ by Chartis Research in its 2015 Sell-side Risk Management Technology report. The company’s work has also been recognized through a number of other accolades, including success in the Best Reporting Initiative category of the American Financial Technology Awards and in the Customer Satisfaction section of the Chartis RiskTech100 rankings.

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