BCRA published a new resolution through Communication “A” 7040

June 8, 2020 – The BCRA published the following resolution through Communication “A” 7040:

  1. Provide that in the current context of health emergency, on an exceptional and transitory basis, it will be admitted that the documentation or requirements required by the regulations on Authorities of financial entities, Composition of capital and Representatives of foreign financial entities not authorized to operate in the country, whose accreditation is impossible to comply with due to limitations or restrictions in the normal operation of public bodies, may be submitted later, in order to enable consideration of authorization procedures.
  2. Once the health emergency situation has been overcome, the procedures will be completed, accompanying the documentation and / or accrediting the requirements that would have been impossible to comply with.


Jurisdictions affected: Argentina

For more information, visit Banco Central de la República Argentina.

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