BCRA Communication “A” 7052 – Exterior and Changes Adequacies

June 25, 2020 – The BCRA announced in Communicaton “A” 7052 that it has adopted the following resolution:

  1. Establish that the provisions set forth in point 2 of Communication “A” 7030 and complementary will remain in force until July 31, 2020.
  2. Replace, with effect from July 6, 2020, the second paragraph of point 2 of Communication “A” 7030.
  3. Modify point 3. of Communication “A” 7030.
  4. Incorporate in the Section on “Purchase of Foreign Currency by non-residents” of the Ordered Text on the “Foreign and exchange” regulations the following point: “3.12.6. Transfers to bank accounts abroad of human persons who received funds in the country associated with the benefits granted by the National State within the framework of Laws 24,043, 24,411 and 25,914 and related. ”


Jurisdictions affected: Argentina

For more information, visit Banco Central de la República Argentina.

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