Case Study: BCAR Reporting Software

BCAR Reporting Software – Capitalizing On Your Capital Solutions: Putting It Together, Bit By Bit

The client, a multinational financial services company, and one of the largest banks in Canada by market capitalization, had a collection of vendors’ BCAR reporting software and in-house builds to do its Basel capital calculations and report regulatory capital/capital adequacy. This case study follows the client as it replaces that eclectic collection with AxiomSL’s ControllerView® data management and regulatory reporting platform and Canadian Basel capital calculator and reporting solutions in a SaaS ecosystem.

bcar reporting

The complex and comprehensive engagement covered Basel capital calculations, Pillar 3, LRR and NCR. The client had a lot of reports and data to validate and reconcile both at the consolidated and subsidiary levels. This is where the CapitalView data dictionary comes in. It expedites reporting using built-in reconciliation and management information reports, and creates efficiencies with an end-to-end, technology-driven approach for scalable reporting.

For this client, Basel IV necessitates additional changes within its BCAR reporting software. Market risk rules are more stringent, including a new set of market risk capital rules that align with BCBS’s FRTB and new minimum coverage thresholds under the IMA.

Previously, the client conducted quarterly Basel capital calculations runs because that was the best that their collection of systems could do. However, that also meant that it would not know its position RWA for three months at a time. Today however, it is ramping up to monthly, which enables them to catch and remediate any issues before the end of the month, and exploit the information being garnered from the scenario analysis for business intelligence. And after all, isn’t that why they’re in business?

For the full story including how to have more frequent Basel capital calculations runs on your BCAR reporting Software without having to worry about missing a deadline, submit  the below form.

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