Changes to AUSTA and BISTA to Apply from Early 2022

July 03, 2020 The European Central Bank (ECB) has prepared a draft Regulation amending the Regulation on monetary financial institution (MFI) balance sheet statistics. Currently, ECB is holding a public consultation on the draft ECB Regulation amending Regulation (EU) No 1071/2013 of the ECB of 24 September 2013 concerning the balance sheet of the monetary financial institutions’ sector (ECB/2013/33).

The new version of the ECB Regulation on MFIs requires an adjustment of the Bundesbank’s statistical surveys AUSTA and BISTA.

The ECB’s original schedule for the adoption of the new MFI regulation was planned for spring 2020. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, this date is postponed until summer 2020. Following the adoption of the ECB regulation, Bundesbank will issue a supplementary Bundesbank circular that will specify the new reporting requirements. Initially, ECB planned the first reference date of the updated MFI reports to be April 2021. Bundesbank assumes that the reference dates and submission periods will also have to be revised and should be postponed by several months, probably until early 2022.

The Bundesbank will provide information on the interim status of the German implementation process and will update it continuously.

For more information please visit: Bundesbank website

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