Basel Capital Adequacy Requirements (BCAR)

Delivers required processes, calculations and controls that empower FIs to improve risk management, data governance and transparency per OSFI mandates


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Complex Data and Calculations

Implementing the Government of Canada’s Office of Supervision of Financial Institutions’ (OSFI) ever changing landscape of Basel Capital Adequacy Reporting (BCAR) requirements correctly can be very time consuming and challenging.

Completing BCAR calculations requires accessing multiple data sources along with calculating complex calculations and business rules.

Questions to Consider

  • Are we calculating the most optimal capital (e.g., mitigations, modelling instruments, exposure level calculations)?
  • Do we have complete, relevant, and accurate risk data to calculate BCAR’s required RWA, capital deductions, or ratios?
  • Are we in full compliance with OSFI’s BCAR requirements?

  • Are we able to generate BCAR reports promptly to distribute to relevant professionals in our organization as well as to OSFI?
  • Are we able to establish the lineage of our data?
  • Can we access our data in a consistently timely manner?


Data Integrity & Control

AxiomSL’s Basel Capital solution running on ControllerView empowers Federally Regulated Financial Institutions (FRFIs) to satisfy Basel requirements for timely reporting.


  • Delivers a sophisticated BCAR solution powered by the CapitalView data dictionary edition for Canada, and state-of-the-art analytical engine and reporting capabilities
  • Accurately processes required information enabling BCAR validation and reporting within tight timelines
  • Enables scenario analysis and stress tests
  • Capacitates disaggregation to drill down into granular data
  • Validates data for risk and regulatory reports

  • Allows risk data aggregation with detailed views by any grouping criteria
  • Operates efficiently and seamlessly on AxiomSL’s data integrity and control platform
  • Easily ingests data in native format from across the FRFI’s existing data architecture
  • Facilitates multi-level sign-off with alerts
  • Provides pre-submission report review

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BCAR Solution Overview

Easily ingesting data in native format from across the FRFI’s existing data architecture, the platform accurately processes required information enabling BCAR validation and reporting within tight timelines.

AxiomSL - BCAR Solution Overview

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Learn more about AxiomSL’s BCAR solution


Interfaces non-disruptively with FRFI’s systems and processes

Implements flexible, auditable, performance-driven high-volume data

Provides a secure, controlled, and permissioned environment

Enables clients to comply with Basel regulatory requirements as implemented in Canada and other jurisdictions

Empowers FRFIs to improve risk management and data governance and strengthen transparency and disclosures with AxiomSL’s cost-effective and high-performance strategic platform that delivers required processes, calculations and controls

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