BANXICO – Circular 38/2020

October 9, 2020 – Banco de México has modified from article 2 the subparagraphs a) and f) of the definition of Money Market Assets, as well as subparagraph iii) of subparagraph f), subparagraph f) itself, and subparagraph iv) of subsection g), of the definition of Liquid Assets, the definition of Qualification for Liquidity Requirement, as well as the definition of Foreign Currency to Receive, contained in the aforementioned article 2, articles 230, 231, 232, section I, first paragraph , and section II, last paragraph, 233, section II, 234, sections V, VI and VIII, subsection b), and Annex 21, as well as adding a subsection h) to the definition of Liquid Assets.

With the above we observe three major changes:

  1. The UMS Bonds are included within the definition of liquid assets,
  2. Short and long-term debt ratings are classified into levels for purposes of liquidity requirement and foreign currency to be received,
  3. The weighting factors for part 2 of the checking accounts are modified in accordance with Annex 21 of Circular 3/2012.


These changes are directly reflected in the ACLME-PD Regulatory Report.

Jurisdictions affected: Mexico

For more information, visit Banco de México.

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