Bancolombia Adds AxiomSL FATCA Solution to Reporting Platform

Ease of integration and flexibility of strategic reporting platform drive Colombia’s largest bank to expand partnership
Tax reporting solution now deployed in five countries as a result of agreement

Medellin, New York, London and Singapore – 11 May 2015 – AxiomSL, a leading provider of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions to the financial services industry, announced today that Bancolombia, Colombia’s largest bank by assets and shareholders’ equity, will be deploying AxiomSL’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) solution to meet regulatory and corporate reporting requirements. Through Bancolombia’s successful and rapid implementation of the strategic reporting platform, the leading multinational bank has expanded its engagement with AxiomSL in order to address FATCA mandates.

Changes in the regulatory environment will continue to evolve on a local and global scale. Bancolombia recognised that AxiomSL’s flexible and robust platform for regulatory and corporate reporting could seamlessly and quickly meet these guidelines. AxiomSL’s FATCA solution is a scalable and cross-border tax reporting platform which will leverage the bank’s reporting process to ensure on-time compliance with reporting mandates and will quickly be implemented across five jurisdictions: Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, the Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico. The platform allows Bancolombia to consolidate and reconcile data across siloed departments through a strategic reporting platform, while further leveraging AxiomSL’s template services to deliver regulatory reporting in Latin America (LATAM). The combination of transparent and scalable technology with the reporting templates will ensure that Bancolombia can continue to streamline its reporting process across all lines of business, while meeting local, regional and international regulatory reporting demands.

“Our decision to extend our relationship to include AxiomSL’s FATCA solution is due, in part, to our interest in keeping pace with the complexity of today’s regulatory environment and in maintaining cost-effectiveness across all operations,” said Jaime Alberto Villegas Gutierrez, Vice President, Service Delivery and Customer Experience, at Bancolombia. “AxiomSL’s integrated platform enables us to quickly meet complex financial and regulatory requirements efficiently and effectively, while also streamlining our reporting processes across critical business functions and jurisdictions. This will ensure that we have the flexibility to make rapid and frequent changes to meet evolving regulatory demands.”

The complexity of today’s reporting environment, as defined by various deadlines, mapping rules and local formats, requires that financial institutions have a multi-jurisdictional IT infrastructure in place to ensure a smooth and integrated response to mandates. Furthermore, as new countries join the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) agreement, the sustainability and leveragability of solutions become even more critical, and AxiomSL’s FATCA platform offers this at a superior level, helping firms avoid added operational and financial costs over time.

“Our strategic reporting platform and LATAM coverage of regulatory requirements empower Bancolombia with the ability to leverage its initial investment by integrating source data to meet other regulations such as FATCA,” said Alex Tsigutkin, CEO at AxiomSL. “FATCA is one of many regulations that the industry has addressed within global tax laws, and our scalable solution is built to evolve with this regulatory environment, by covering future mandates such as ‘UK FATCA’ and Automatic Exchange of Information reporting (CRS templates) requirements. As firms need to address these multiple mandates, AxiomSL’s platform enables institutions to improve their automation and auditability, ultimately reducing the cost of compliance and maintaining a strong competitive advantage.”

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About Bancolombia:

With 140 years of experience, BANCOLOMBIA is the largest bank in Colombia, offering a wide range of financial products and services to a diversified individual and corporate base of more than 9 million customers. BANCOLOMBIA delivers its products and services via its regional network comprised of Colombia´s largest non-government owned banking network, with over 1,070 branches, 4,524 ATMs, 4,202 banking agents, as well as the rest of our electronic channels. We are also in Central America, with Banagricola (El Salvador), BAM (Guatemala), and Banistmo (Panamá), and with our off-shore banking subsidiaries in Panama, Cayman Islands, and Puerto Rico. Together, BANCOLOMBIA and its subsidiaries provide stock brokerage, investment banking, leasing, factoring, consumer finance, fiduciary and trust services, asset management, and insurance, among others.

About AxiomSL:

AxiomSL is the global leader in regulatory reporting and risk management solutions for the financial services industry. AxiomSL’s unique data-driven platform empowers financial institutions to meet their reporting requirements across multiple regulators and jurisdictions.
AxiomSL’s best-in-class solution integrates clients’ source data from disparate systems and locations, without forcing data conversion, to deliver an end-to-end, flexible, transparent and auditable reporting process. AxiomSL also offers analytical applications in the areas of data management, risk management and capital reporting.
With this strategic solution, firms can meet the demands of multiple regional and global mandates, including Basel III, liquidity reporting, the Dodd-Frank Act, FATCA, EMIR, COREP/FINREP, CCAR, FDSF, BCBS 239, Solvency II and AIFMD, as well as market and credit risk management requirements. AxiomSL’s platform supports XBRL submissions natively.

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