AxiomSL and Risk.Net: Risk Model Management In The Age Of COVID-19

As many financial institutions acknowledge that risk models designed prior to the COVID-19 crisis cannot effectively assess the current climate, it is apparent that the current methodology needs an upgrade in order to sufficiently distinguish the effects on a range of industries and borrowers the crisis will have.

Webinar discussion points:

  • How can the principles of the RWA models still be applied to the new Models that will arise due to the Black Swan event of COVID-19?
  • How will regulators adapt their processes to address models that are not regulatory prescribed while still addressing fundamental issues?
  • Best practices for managing, validating and processing the models through different scenarios
  • How can financial institutions derive a competitive advantage through hosting of the new models?

axiomsl risk model management


  • Peter Deans, Former Chief Risk Officer, Bank of Queensland (AU)



  • Mahim Mehra, Senior Risk Advisor, AxiomSL (UK)
  • Davide Crippa, Chief Risk Officer, Maybank (SG)
  • Frankie Phua, Managing Director, Head of Group Risk Management, UOB (SG)

Download The Risk Model Management In The Age Of COVID-19 Webinar Replay now:

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