AxiomSL Launches Regulatory Education Program for Asset Managers and Broker-Dealers

Complimentary Program Sheds Light on Opacity Surrounding Financial Regulation

NEW YORK – August 24, 2017 – AxiomSL, the leading global provider of regulatory reporting, risk and data management solutions, today announced the launch of a program designed to assist asset management firms and broker-dealers clarify issues related to the shifting regulatory environment.
Components of the content-driven program include a succession of “In the Know” briefs, an “Explainer Series,” a COO Supper Club, and a blog program. All of the materials are written in understandable, jargon-free English, and include brief analyses of the regulatory environment, how specific rules or rule changes may impact asset management firms and broker-dealers, steps these organizations should take in order to be compliant, and the dates by which compliance is required.

“In speaking with our clients, we found that asset management and broker-dealer firms are having a particularly challenging time navigating the opacity surrounding potential changes to the regulatory landscape,” said Alex Tsigutkin, Global CEO at AxiomSL. “Once we helped these firms become conversant with the ‘new normal,’ and ensured their compliance, we decided to make our intelligence readily available to all asset management firms and broker-dealers.”

The “In the Know” briefs are designed to bring firms current with the latest thinking on the regulatory arena, with a specific focus on regulations like the Dodd-Frank Act, the Financial CHOICE Act (which has yet to pass the Senate) and the SEC Modernization rules. The purpose of the briefs are to help firms understand what actions they should be taking now and what they should be thinking about for the future so they stay ahead of the changes while remaining compliant. New topics will be added and disseminated every two weeks via email and AxiomSL’s blog.
The “Explainer” series clarifies regulatory terms and jargon in plain English, highlighting what asset managers and broker-dealers need to know in order to remain compliant. Key dates by which firms need to be compliant will also be included.
The COO Supper Club is an opportunity for senior executives at asset management firms and broker-dealers, who have oversight for regulatory compliance, to listen to a guest speaker who will provide additional clarification on the opacity surrounding financial regulation as well as an opportunity to exchange on best practices among themselves.

“New chairmen have been appointed to the SEC and CFTC, and they have recently disclosed their agendas for their five-year terms,” said Bruce Runciman, Executive Director at AxiomSL. “Financial entities should expect a review and possible revision of every rule enacted by the prior administration, an increase in targeted enforcement, and enhanced coordination of regulatory agencies in the pursuit of common regulatory mandates, including cybercrime, money laundering, bid-rigging and insider trading.”

About AxiomSL:

AxiomSL is the leading global provider of regulatory reporting and risk and data management solutions for financial services firms, including banks, broker dealers, asset managers and insurance companies. Its unique enterprise data management (EDM) platform delivers data lineage, risk aggregation, analytics, workflow automation, validation and audit functionality. For more information, visit AxiomSl at

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