Provides an automated, transparent, scalable single-platform solution for Comprehensive Capital Analysis Review (CCAR) and Dodd Frank Act Stress Tests (DFAST)


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Complex Requirements

Complying with the U.S. Federal Reserve’s Comprehensive Capital Analysis Review (CCAR) and the Dodd Frank Act stress test (DFAST) is a challenging, complex, data-intensive exercise that is highly interconnected with other mandates, as evidenced by the updates for tailoring prudential standards and CECL that impact CCAR and many other regulatory reports.


  • New and constantly changing regulatory requirements continue to test BHCs’ change-management capabilities. Change items ― which may number thousands each year ― affect report forms and instructions, data dictionaries and schemas, edit checks, etc.
  • BHCs must ensure data consistency across many interrelated regulatory and internal reports.

  • U.S. bank holding company (BHC) filers must consolidate and validate vast quantities of required financial, risk, and reference data from across the enterprise. Such data typically presents ongoing quality issues that BHCs must resolve as data and the business change.

Questions to Consider

  • Have we been able to eliminate manual processes as we source, enrich, calculate, analyze, disclose, and reconcile data to meet our CCAR-DFAST reporting requirements?
  • Does our CCAR-DFAST reporting approach enable us to quickly trace and drill into a data point across multiple line items to successfully inform audits?
  • Are we positioned to coordinate increasingly interconnected and overlapping reporting requirements such as FR Y-9C and CCAR quarterly reports that are due at the same time?

  • Have we established an automated, repeatable process to execute granular reconciliations before we submit CCAR-DFAST results to the regulator?
  • Are we able quickly and accurately to interpret and incorporate the many ongoing regulatory changes that affect data dictionaries and schemas, edit checks, schedules, and reports?
  • Does our approach automatically perform regulator-required edit-checks accurately and transparently?


Simple Platform

AxiomSL’s comprehensive regulatory CCAR-DFAST solution enables BHCs to source, enrich, calculate, analyze, disclose, and reconcile data to comply with reporting requirements and withstand audits.

The ControllerView platform provides a flexible, transparent, scalable, auditable, performance-driven infrastructure (high volumes) for CCAR-DFAST and related risk and regulatory reporting.


  • Underpinned by a robust reconciliation methodology that resolves the complex interrelationships across related reports
  • Powered by an extensible rules and taxonomy-based data dictionary
  • Embeds a transparent attestation workflow
  • Delivers precision edit-check execution

  • Enables granular traceability and drilldown
  • Centralizes data collection from disparate sources
  • Provides full transparency in calculations and reporting
  • Quickly adapts to meet evolving and new regulations

Device Frame

End-to-End CCAR-DFAST Process

AxiomSL’s high performance architecture leverages clients’ existing data structure to seamlessly populate the information required to meet reporting requirements and validation process for CCAR-DFAST.

AxiomSL’s Analytical Credit Dataset (AnaCredit)

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CCAR and DFAST ― Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review: FR Y-14, FR Y-16, OCC-DFAST.


Manage CCAR-DFAST strategically by leveraging AxiomSL’s experience and regulatory subject-matter experts who monitor and interpret regulatory change

Access to best practices for CCAR-DFAST compliance drawn from a clientele representing more than two thirds of required BHC filers

Successfully withstand audits and gain deeper analytic insight from transparent access to data and calculations utilized for CCAR-DFAST and related requirements

Achieve strategic data sourcing by centralizing data collection from disparate data sources on a single platform that ingests original data non-disruptively and enables dynamic data-lineage through LineageView

Reduce total cost of compliance by managing CCAR-DFAST and related regulatory requirements on ControllerView’s flexible, transparent, scalable, auditable, performance-driven infrastructure (high volumes)

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