Delivers scalable process to collect data across multiple systems with transparent reporting capabilities satisfying ECB and NCB requirements


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AnaCredit reporting began in 2018 as a result of the European Central Bank’s (ECB) Analytical Credit Dataset (AnaCredit) project to create a harmonized database and framework of rules regarding credit exposure of credit institutions located in a member state of the Eurozone


  • Banks (domestic unit and foreign branches abroad) must submit separate reports to their respective National Central Banks (NCBs)
  • Transmission frequencies and timelines of requirements can vary

  • Cross-border banks are challenged with reporting to NCBs that have different requirements in place, depending on the countries in which they are operating


  • Credit institutions must now report on a borrower-by-borrower or loan-by-loan basis

  • Information on approximately 100 data attributes must be provided

Questions to Consider

  • Can we efficiently access disparate types of data — from counterparty data, credit data, collateral and risk data — to external data and statistics including, number of employees, annual turnover rate, and enterprise size classification?
  • Are we prepared for the new AnaCredit plausibility checks that are being applied by NCBs?
  • Can we accommodate disparities between reporting agents and required attributes from one Eurozone country to the next?

  • Do we have a scalable process in place to collect data spread across multiple systems — in order to aggregate, normalize and map it to the ECB’s data?
  • Do we have effective data quality and data integrity management to ensure that collected and reported data is accurate and consistent?



AxiomSL’s AnaCredit solution on ControllerView® — deployable on premises or on secure RegCloud® — provides the data collection, validation, and reporting functionality needed to comply with the ECB’s requirements.


AxiomSL’s data integrity and control platform seamlessly integrates datasets from both the client’s banking data structure and external sources. The scalable, transparent platform and user-friendly business dashboards enable quick processing and management of large quantities of data.


After being enriched and validated, data is mapped to the ECB’s data structure and used to populate the mandatory report frameworks. The regulatory validation rules are then applied for AnaCredit reports prior to submission.


  • Allows FIs to build bespoke management information reports
  • Enables extensive data validation and report edit checks
  • Aggregates detailed views by any grouping criteria

  • Leverages existing data structure to quickly and accurately aggregate the required AnaCredit data from multiple sources and systems
  • Reconciles credit reporting across local NCB regulatory regimes

Device Frame

AxiomSL’s AnaCredit solution powered by the EntityView Data Dictionary

Complete reporting capabilities to transparently and efficiently address AnaCredit’s challenges across jurisdictions.

AxiomSL’s Analytical Credit Dataset (AnaCredit) - Complete Reporting Capabilities To Transparently and Efficiently Address AnaCredit’s Challenges Across Jurisdictions

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Enables confident AnaCredit compliance and audit defense across the Eurozone by transparently delivering efficient processing of large volumes of data, threshold checks, delta calculations, ECB/jurisdictional validations and reporting by loan type, counterparty and jurisdiction

Incorporates non-disruptively into the FI’s ecosystem, easily integrating heterogeneous data from original sources with flexible data management and transformation

AxiomSL’s EntityView extensible data dictionary architecture enables FIs to seamlessly add new country exposures as business changes occur

With the AnaCredit solution on ControllerView, FIs are well positioned to incorporate other reporting requirements — including stress testing frameworks, the Integrated Reporting Framework, Securities Holding Statistics Group (SHSG), Common Reporting (COREP), and Financial Reporting (FINREP)

Delivers insight into loan portfolio and counterparty/jurisdiction exposures with transparent access to well-managed, trusted data on a single platform

AxiomSL automatically provides solution updates as requirements change in order to maintain consistent compliance

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