Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)

Provides an automated solution that enables AIFs and AIFMs to accurately meet scoping requirements and comply with evolving ESMA and NFA mandates


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The European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA) Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) significantly increases scrutiny of alternative investment funds and managers (AIFs and AIFMs) globally that operate in Europe, requiring them to granularly report on topics including leverage, risk, and liquidity and establish a mandated operating model.


  • AIFs/AIFMs must aggregate internally and externally sourced data from legal entities including central administrators, portfolio managers, and management companies.
  • AIFs/AIFMs must report more than 300 mandatory data points and meet each NFA’s reporting format.

  • AIFs/AIFMs must run and review regulatory-prescribed calculations per ESMA’s and national financial authorities’ (NFA) classifications.
  • AIFs/AIFMs must demonstrate that they have defined and assigned each task to individual owners.

Questions to Consider

  • Are we positioned to handle AIFMD reporting and other requirements such as Form CPO-PQR, Form CTA-PR, and Form PF in a coordinated, efficient manner?
  • Can we accurately maintain ESMA- and NFA-defined asset classifications as our business mix and data sources change?
  • Do we have a plan to eliminate the manual processes upon which we currently rely for reporting?

  • Are we confident that we correctly report and aggregate feeder funds across jurisdictions?
  • Are we satisfied that we are collecting data from required internal and external sources?
  • Do we have confidence that our operating model will withstand regulatory scrutiny?
  • Does our approach deliver a complete, time-stamped audit trail?



AxiomSL’s end-to-end, automated AIFMD solution on ControllerView enables AIFs and AIFMs to efficiently comply with evolving ESMA and NFA requirements.


Deployable on-premises or via AxiomSL’s secure RegCloud, reporting entities can consider the implementation that best supports their reporting requirements and future business evolution.


By implementing AIFMD, AIFs and AIFMs are well positioned to adopt AxiomSL’s Form CPO-PQR and Form PF solutions where significant reuse of datapoints exists. Utilizing AxiomSL’s single data integrity and control platform enables clients to achieve data consistency for these and many other regulatory requirements.


  • Dashboards that enable users to monitor and manage the end-to-end process including scoping requirements, loading data, running calculations, executing multi-level sign-off, and generating reports and required NFA submission file formats including XML
  • Curated regulatory edit-checks methodology that validates aggregated data sets
  • Seamless data ingestion from multiple internal and external sources

  • Robust, transparent data-management powered by a comprehensive rules- and taxonomy-based data dictionary, with data point drill-down from report to source
  • Complete audit trail of activity with time/date stamps and username
  • Rules-based funds scoping and aggregation
  • Analytical, exception, and custom reporting

Device Frame

Leverage An Automated AIFMD solution to comply with evolving ESMA and NFA requirements

ControllerView’s architecture addresses multi-jurisdictional funds and fund-manager AIFMD reporting requirements.

AIFMD - Architecture Addresses Multi-Jurisdictional Funds and Fund-Manager Reporting Requirements

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New Regulatory Landscape for Alternative Investment Fund Managers


Interfaces non-disruptively with client’s existing data structure/processes and deploys to AxiomSL’s RegCloud enabling clients to optimize and future-proof compliance

Enables fund managers to accommodate the stringent 30-day review window and meet submission deadlines through efficient process automation

Handles complex fund structures and extensive investment advisor disclosures strengthening overall compliance capability and audit defense

Positions AIFs/AIFMs to adopt AxiomSL’s multi-jurisdictional solutions ― including Form CPO-PQR and Form PF ― on a single platform to ensure data consistency across regulatory requirements, eliminate manual workarounds and redundant activities, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

Monitors, interprets, and updates solutions with AIFMD regulatory changes including edit checks enabling clients to maintain satisfactory compliance and withstand audits

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