BCBS 239

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Risk Data Aggregation, Risk Reporting & Data Lineage

AxiomSL’s platform consolidates data from modern and legacy systems by enriching data taxonomies and metadata across the organization. As data is integrated, traceability of the enriched data and workflows is transparent since AxiomSL retains the identity of each source, thus allowing full visibility on ongoing changes and their impacts.

AxiomSL’s provides export of data lineage and data governance information as well as an interface with IBM-Infosphere Governance Catalogue (IGC) that enables firms derive value and understanding from complex, heterogeneous information by monitoring/tracing data movement throughout the global information technology infrastructure.

Key Benefits

As information travels from one layer to the next, change management tracking and business rules transparency and reporting methodology also complements natural traceability of data lineage and metadata.

Specific advantages of AxiomSL’s offering include:

  • Data integration: AxiomSL’s platform allows firms to achieve data integration without that risk of disruption or sunken cost.
  • Workflow Automation: Leveraging AxiomSL’s data governance platform allows banks to build the level of sophistication for today’s requirements and future needs.
  • Change Management Tracking: BCBS 239 is very strong on documenting change, from cell-level adjustments to SQL edits. AxiomSL’s platform automatically populates and archives these respective changes as they happen.
  • Validation and Exceptions: Firms partnering with AxiomSL can build business-level and validation rules using the platform to enable drill-down and traceability into risk data subsets and associated metadata, while also flagging and documenting potential exceptions for review.

AxiomSL’s platform with its robust and object based approach to managing data allows for flexible data sourcing, modeling, and business rules capabilities to integrate and consolidate disparate data taxonomies and metadata. Its ability to aggregate data based on these business rules and deliver reporting with full workflow management, versioning, and control and drilldown capabilities addresses the key BCBS 239 principles.


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